Thursday, April 8, 2010

Aunt Duck

Once upon a time
(the time of 3:35 pm to be exact)
in a land far, far away
(well, maybe 50 miles)
lived a beautiful princess
(it was a nickname)
with long(ish) blond(ish) hair
and big blue eyes
(sometimes green
depending how the sun hit them).

She lived with her parents
(happily married 15 years)
in a huge castle
(three bedroom Victorian)
on the top of a mountain
(up the street)
with a moat
(left the garden hose on)
and a terrifying dragon
(a bichon frise that yipped).

This particular afternoon
(3:35 pm, remember?)
the princess embarked upon a quest
(got bored and went for a walk)
to find a magic chalice
(teacup she'd lost)
that would bring her wisdom
(like how to french braid),
incredible prosperity
(enough to buy her own candy),
and formidable courage
(to get rid of her nightlight).

Along the way she scaled towers
(the jungle gym),
escaped horrible monsters
(boys with cooties),
and discovered riches
(a heads-up penny).

As the day came to a close
(streetlights coming on any second),
she returned triumphantly
(teacup in hand)
to share her tale of adventure
(with props and fun sound effects).

The End
(It's a story, sorta)