Friday, February 26, 2010

I Didn't Find Him

the sky was still light when I left
only just beginning to wash pink
warm glow against the hard marble
I didn't find him
silly to think I could just wander
clinging to a vague memory
visitation of my youth
ascending in the back seat
sister silent beside me
we stopped near a bench, I think
not certain anymore
I didn't find him
Mom alone at first
two girls staring at her bent figure
from behind rain sprinkled windows
then all of us
looking at/to/through the name
slab nearly level with the ground
that's part of why
I didn't find him
and it was so cold
searching with snow fencing the plots
brilliant white fading as the sun
the wind became foreboding so
I didn't find him
and I drove home
sunset chasing me like a vague memory
of Dr. Tippett's grave