Saturday, February 6, 2010


"Curleshellot abaulano"
she cried into the night
"Curleshellot abaulano
Abaulano, my love"

And though the dark was crystal still
her words fell on deaf ears
for mournful wails mean naught to those
where answers not prevail

I heard her weep on gentle winds
as day came to a close
"Curleshellot abaulano
Abaulano, my love"

Through ev'ry shadowed corner sought
then found with child in arms
lashes weighted down with shed tears
no sense her mumbles made

Still hand could give what I knew not
a lift to heart and head
the gaze we shared as from my lips
"Abaulano, my friend"

(Pronunciation:  kur-le-shuh-lot   a-boh-lah-noh)