Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fade In, Interior

I felt my steps as choreography
not of a dance
but an economy of movement
beginning in the kitchen
mug of tea in right
plated bagel in left
snapping off the light switch
with the sharpness of an elbow
past the stereo
bumping power with a hip
down the stairs to the landing
balancing plate on mug
to turn the deadbolt
fish out the cellphone
tucked neatly into pocket
and back down the stairs two-handed
dishes gently on the end table
and without a pause
setting alarms on the cellphone
through the few steps to the nightstand
and back to the couch
where tea is steaming
so that in the back of my head
it felt like blocking
I could almost feel a camera on me
a fluid movie intro
establishing the single woman
closing up the house for the night
finally relaxing with a warm mug
to stave off the stresses of the day